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Robins Trip to Southport

The Robins had a chilly but fabulous day out in Southport. The children had fun climbing around the park, going on the swings and digging in the sand. We went for a walk to the front looking at all the birds and animals along the way; when we got to the beach we collected some shells and listened to all the noises around us. After looking at ourselves in the funny mirrors we had our lunch and then we talked about all the different buildings we could see around Southport. Our final stop was back to the park for a quick climb around before the obligatory ice cream, as we were in Southport! We learnt a lot while we were out and managed to cover out targets in Science, Geography and History

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Rainforests - Polar Bears Class (Year4)

As part of our topic on Rainforests, the children created a wall display.  They used different materials to create the images and researched information about a variety of creatures and their habitat.


As well as a wall display, the children used the Book Creator App on the iPad to create their own 'Travel Guide'. Click on the document (PDF) below view the Travel Guide.