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Hungry Heroes & Magic Breakfast

Making School Taste Better!  


Hungry Heroes & Magic Breakfast have arrived at Northwood! 


We have invested heavily in our school meals to bring the service in-house.  Our food has been provided by Knowsley Council but now we pave our own way. We believe the new Hungry Heroes service will dramatically improve the quality of food on offer.  We are harnessing the untapped skills within our kitchen team, led by Head Chef, Joyce Gardner, to cook proper food, from scratch, using locally sourced raw ingredients.


We are also proud to have achieved Magic Breakfast status in December '16 and look forward to improving our breakfast offer over the next few months. 


Children are at the heart of our plans; we know that a happy child means satisfied parents/carers. The Pupil Council has helped develop the new menu to be both nutritious and delicious.  Lunchtime provides a valuable opportunity for children to socialise and relax, developing skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Our friendly staff will provide a warm welcome and help children make good choices. 


Fresh and delicious food, sourced locally whenever possible, will help the local economy.  With their batteries recharged, we hope the children will be more attentive, have better concentration and will be fuelled up for an afternoon of learning.


The new service launches on Monday and it is my pleasure to attach the new menu to this letter.  Meal prices will remain one of the lowest in the country, at £1.80 per dish, paid for through the Parent Pay system.


We hope our learning heroes find it as super as we do!


Yours sincerely,


Jason Hollywood


School Food Menu