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Monday 25th September – The Story So Far………..


Reception have been settling into their new class beautifully! All of the children look so smart in their school uniforms and come to school each morning with big smiles on their faces. The children are getting used to eating their lunch in the hall at lunch time, following all the rules and routines with great care and attention! We are enjoying our learning and have begun working on our letter sounds and our number knowledge!


We have read lots of books already, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks’ and the Three Bears and a book called, ‘On Sudden Hill.’ All about making friends and being caring towards each other. We have been interested in learning about mountains and have been learning the rhyme, ‘Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill.’ We have started to talk about what we look like and how we are the same or different to others in the world and how we are all diverse and different but equal. Some of our children have been writing and drawing and we have started to display them in class on our wonder wall.

Lots of names have gone into the ‘Brilliant Book,’ and children have been showing lots of fantastic characteristics of learning such as resilience, patience, curiosity and determination. Our first EYFS assembly last week was all about Goldilocks’ and the choices that she made. Was she right to go into the bears house when she didn’t know the bears? Should she have taken things and used things that didn’t belong to her? How did baby bear feel when his porridge as eaten all up, his chair was broken and someone was sleeping in his bed! The children showed great empathy and understanding when talking about the feelings involved in the story.


Some of the children have started to show an interest in space! We are in the process of designing a space rocket and launch pad in Wales classroom so watch this space (literally!) for out of this world learning to be sent home as soon as possible!


See you on the playground,


Mrs Hyland XX