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Paul Devine

My Name is Paul Devine, I have lived Kirkby all of my life with the exception of 4 and a half years in HM Armed forces. I currently have two children in Northwood Community Primary School, one in the final year and one in the first year.


At present I am employed by Knowlsey MBC as a building control surveyor and have been in this post working for local government for approximately 11 years. This job role involves meeting with different professionals on a wide variety of construction projects from housing developments, industrial, commercial, public buildings, leisure centres, education/school buildings and many other building types, providing advice and support, enabling each project to comply with the current building regulations and with a view to constructing buildings which are safe, economical, energy efficient and accessible to all.


I fully understand that this role is a privilege and there is responsibility that inevitably comes with the role of parent governor. If I am accepted/selected as a member of the Parent governors, I would hope to give as much support as is necessary to the school staff and parents where required, to help maintain and improve our children’s education, welfare and facilities provided, that support the growth of our children and community over the lifespan of their primary school education.