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Hinduism Workshop

Hinduism Workshop 1

Heaven Sent at Kirkby Christian Fellowship

In December, Reception and Year 2 went to Heaven Sent. They had an amazing time searching for a new born baby.


The Roman soldiers made all the children pay their taxes before they let them enter Bethlehem and then the children were allowed to go around the market place. They visited stalls selling bread, fish, perfumes and clothes as well as a Carpenters workshop. They also met some animals on their travels as well as some important visitors from the East who said they were following a star to help them search for the baby.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
As part of our Religous Education the children have been finding out all about Easter.  We visited our friends at Kirkby Christian Fellowship and had a wonderful afternoon finding out why Easter is an important celebration for many people. 
Picture 1 Making our very own Easter gardens.
Picture 2 Fun arts and crafts.
Picture 3 Finding out about The Last Supper!
Picture 4 Meeting Dusky the Donkey
Picture 5 Meeting Dusky the Donkey
Picture 6 Meeting Dusky the Donkey
Picture 7 Meeting Dusky the Donkey
Picture 8 Making our own Easter basket.
Picture 9 My Easter garden.
Picture 10 Making an Easter garden.
Picture 11 We sang songs together using lots of actions.
Picture 12 Listening to stories about Jesus!