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Art Exhibition

The children's art exhibition on Tuesday was a roaring success! It was great to see so many parents and carers there enjoying the event. The children worked very hard during art week on their masterpieces and I'm sure you'll agree that the finished results were fantastic!


Spring Artist of the Term


Batik Workshop

We were joined by artist Sally Birch to deliver some batik workshop to year 4. Batik is an Indonesian technique of hot wax resist dyeing applied to fabric. The year 4 theme was The Greeks, children had previously sketched their Greek designs in their sketch books. They applied their designs to the fabric using the hot wax and tjantings. Next, they brushed on the different coloured dyes to reveal their design. Some children tried overlaying the dye colours to experiment with colour mixing. The results were spectacular and so effective. We’re very proud of the children’s creations and some of these will be taking pride of place on our school walls.




Parent and Child Art Workshop

The parents in years 3, 4, and 5 were invited to join their children in school for an afternoon of art. As it was nearly Easter, we decided to make batik Easter egg decorations and clay egg cups for the egg to go into. After a demonstration, the parents and children began egg blowing to empty the contents of the eggs. They then, very carefully, dripped candle wax onto the egg to form dots all over it. Next, they rolled the eggs into different coloured dyes to dye the shell of the eggs. The next part was a job for home! They had to put the eggs into the oven for a couple of minutes so that the wax melts off the egg. This would reveal a beautiful multicoloured speckled egg!



Over on the clay table, the parents and children were making clay egg cups for their batik Easter eggs. They firstly rolled a ball of clay the size of a satsuma and then used their thumbs to make a well in the middle for their egg to sit. They used clay tools to add their own patterns and designs. Some parents and children got very inventive and even added chick’s feet and wings to their egg cups. The event was a huge success and the parents commented on how much they had enjoyed spending one to one time doing something creative with their child. Due to the popularity of the event, we will be planning to run further parent and child art workshops so please keep your eyes peeled for the letter!


Northwood Curates......


The children have been turning their hands at being Art curators here at Northwood Primary!


Our new addition to our reception area is the 'Mini Museum' which is on loan from Kirkby Gallery and Prescot Museum. The children are using it as an exhibition space to showcase their beautiful artwork and superb pieces of writing.


Everything on display is linked to the children's Power of Reading theme. On display at the moment is Year 3's fantastic Egyptian exhibition.


On your next visit to reception, feel free to take a look and browse through 'Northwood's Mini Museum Book' which documents how the children made the work exhibited.


Polar Bears African Art

Our Year 4 children designing and creating their own african prints

Panthers Class Draw Sonic & Knuckles

Mayan Art - Year 6 Rhinos

Rhino’s Class have been learning about the Mayans and they have really enjoyed producing some Mayan art.

Rhinos class made Mayan masks using Modroc