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Campus & Facilities

Opened in 2011, our multi-million pound campus was built in the heart of the town centre to provide the communities of Northwood and Kirkby with state-of-the-art facilities, designed to enhance the learning experience and enable local children to succeed.  Space Group worked with pupils and teachers to plan the school environment which adds a stylish architectural feature to the skyline of Northwood.
In recent years, the school has invested heavily to ensure that every subject has the resources to enable the highest standards of teaching and learning.
An aspiring Apple School, we have the highest number of Apple computers and iPads in Knowsley.  Free Wi-Fi is available across the site, enabling pupils to use their own one-on-one devices. This makes independent study much easier and allows innovative and varied teaching and learning opportunities.
When it comes to protecting the planet, we do our bit to help the environment.  As a brand new school, we are one of the most sustainable institutions within the local area. We go beyond simple recycling; using biofuels, utilising the latest water-saving technologies and treating waste as a valuable commodity. We try at all times to reduce our carbon footprint.
Our school is more than just splendid buildings and state-of-the-art equipment; our expert staff and wonderful pupils bring the place to life and create an atmosphere that is second to none. We offer one of the most modern and unique learning environments within the area. Why not come along and see for yourself?


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