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Free Food Entitlement

You are now entitled to free food!


The governors of Northwood Community Primary School have decreed that, next year, they will pay for a free lunch for every child who comes to this school. In order to allow us to do this, we need every family to complete the free school meal form here for each of their children.  


Please complete the form even if you do not want free food as it will help the school receive more funding!  If the form says 

you are not entitled to a free school meal, the school will still fund a free school meal for your child! 


Good for pupils

We are so proud of our home cooked food – Joyce and her team deliver delicious food to all our children every day. Hunger can be a major barrier to learning and this can have a negative impact on the outcomes achieved by children. An empty stomach affects concentration, energy levels, engagement and emotional wellbeing. In addition to providing high quality teaching and learning, every child who comes to this school will now be entitled to a top-quality lunchtime meal from our Hungry Heroes food service.


Good for you

We realise that changes to government policy in recent years have left many families struggling financially. We also recognise that sometimes the families who do pay for their food are the ones working hard to stretch their family purse; recognising this, our governors want to support those families through this initiative.


Good for all of us

The more families who are registered on the free school meal system – the more funding this school will receive. Families must register on the system and the school will guarantee a free school meal for the year ahead - even if the government won't give you a free school meal.


Great results!   

This is an exciting initiative and will be combined with research by the health authority to track the impact of all this good food on our pupils. It is a major financial investment and the school may at any point withdraw the offer of free food, particularly if pupils have behavioural or unauthorised attendance issues or we are unable to get families to support or comply with school policies.


Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Combined with our Magic Breakfast offer of free bagels on the playground for everyone, we are privileged to be able to offer every pupils at this school a high-quality hot breakfast and hot lunch every day. The only condition is that families have completed the form here and support their child’s education fully - so please complete this form as soon as possible.


If you have any difficulties with the system please contact the school office who will be more than happy to support you.


Thank you for your support with this!