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Parent Guidance for Pods: How we will manage risk 

EAL Family Forum - what a fantastic turnout. Thank you for coming and sharing your views.

EAL Family Forum February 2020 - read our results and next steps

Family Cookery Course 


We held an after school club for families to prepare meals together, developing nutrition and cookery skills, this was a fun way for families to work together to develop their own abilities. 


Cooking with children is a great way to educate them about good nutrition, what’s in season, and reading food labels. It can encourage them to eat healthy foods, especially ones they may normally refuse to try. 


Children, alongside their parents, learned new cooking skills, how to plan and prepare meals , follow recipes and an understanding of how to use appliances and equipment safely.  They were all given an opportunity to prepare a tasty, healthy meal which they then took home.

We look at hygiene skills too and even do the washing up! 


Have a look at our pictures from our last club last term where we made Pizzas, cakes, wraps and fruit kebabs 


We will be running the club again so keep an eye on our school newsletter !  

Family Cookery Course

Feedback: Family Cookery


The children said;


"I enjoyed it because I got to do it with my dad, and he learned how to make things." 


"It was fun.........even the washing up!" 


"I might even be able to do the tea now!" 


"My kebab was so tasty, I want to have it everyday!" 


Adults said:


"It is great to have some support to think about healthy meals to make that the chldren will eat."


"I will get the kids more involved in cooking food at home after this now." 


"I cant believe that they ate fruit and vegetables!" 




Meet & Greet; September 2019