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We love teaching Science at Northwood. In 2016 we were awarded the Quality Mark for Science teaching. We follow our principles for Science teaching and keep our children’s curiosity inspired! 



Science Long Term Plan

Science Principles

Year 4 - Tooth Decay Experiment

The children were shocked to discover what some of their favourite drinks could be doing to their teeth!

Digestive System

Year 4 used a model to recreate the digestive system. It looked disgusting but they had so much fun learning about the functions of the intestines and stomach in processing food and getting rid of waste.

Year 5 – Getting ready for this winter!

Will putting a coat on a snowman make him melt or make him last longer?



Seasonal Changes

Year 1 have been busy creating Autumn displays when looking at seasonal changes.



Is it Waterproof?

Testing materials to see how waterproof they are for a Power of Reading book.


Year 6 Enquiries

The children wanted to know how we were similar and how we are different. They carried out variation enquiries looking at arm span, foot size, head circumference and eye colour.














Charles Darwin made some exciting discoveries on the Galapogas Islands. We wanted to make our own discoveries. Are some beaks shapes are better at eating certain food types than others?


Are Older People Taller?

The DSP classes joined forces to carry out an enquiry - are older people taller?


STEM Club Challenges

In our STEM after school club we have been setting the children specific challenges to work together, design and create structures. One challenge was to make a bridge for the Billy goats Gruff, another was to design a wind sock. A big part of the challenge was finding out the best materials to use. The last challenge was to build a structure of their own design that would hold up a tennis ball.  See the pictures below!

STEM Week Canada and Argentina

Year 5 classes have been taking part in STEM week in school.  We were given a task to design and make a bridge that could be used to carry a toy car across a strip of water.  Many of the children designed and made bridges that could hold the car but some of the bridges, were too short or the car fell off at the sides.  We looked at a range of bridges and sketches some initial designs in our sketch books.  We were only allowed to use paper, cellotape, and scissors.  The children enjoyed the challenge even though we had some cars that ended up as submarines!