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STEM Week Canada and Argentina

Year 5 classes have been taking part in STEM week in school.  We were given a task to design and make a bridge that could be used to carry a toy car across a strip of water.  Many of the children designed and made bridges that could hold the car but some of the bridges, were too short or the car fell off at the sides.  We looked at a range of bridges and sketches some initial designs in our sketch books.  We were only allowed to use paper, cellotape, and scissors.  The children enjoyed the challenge even though we had some cars that ended up as submarines!

Long Jump

The children in Year 5 developing their standing long jump technique.  Working collaboratively, measuring using chalk.


Year 5 taking learning outside the classroom. Learning about 4 figure grid reference numbers.

Outdoor Classroom

Canada took part in national outdoor day by relaxing and the outdoor area. The children found their own quiet place and enjoyed the meditation sessions

Power of Reading - Cosmic!

Art project linked to out Power of Reading book ‘Cosmic’. The children created rockets using clay after planning and research about different types of clay.