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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club 

Breakfast club opens at 8.00am and no one will be allowed in after 8.25am, the fee is £5.00 per week or £1 per day.


All parents and carers must pay for the breakfast club in advance of your child attending. You can pay for a number of weeks in advance or one week at a time. Payments must be made through parent pay.


If your child is not attending all five days of the week, you must let the breakfast club staff know on Monday morning on which days your child will be attending that week. The staff need this information in order to ensure they have enough adults present each day for the numbers of children attending.


If your child attends for a week that has not been paid for, you will receive a letter and a text on the Friday of that week, making you aware that you need to visit the school to pay. Your child will then not be able to attend breakfast club until this debt has been settled and you have paid for the following week in advance again.


Occasions when costs will be reimbursed:

  • If school is closed for a bank holiday, training day etc, you will only be charged for the number of days the school is open.

  • If you pay for a number of days at breakfast club and your child is off sick, you will not be charged for the days your child was absent from school.


Please remember breakfast club does not start until 8am and the latest you can arrive is 8.25am. You must not leave your children unaccompanied before this time as they will not be supervised by school staff.

If you have any queries regarding breakfast club please call into the school office.

We look forward to seeing your children at breakfast club.